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Company Cats!

Another special thing about our company is our two cats, Dou Jiang and Tang Yuan. They have been with us for about a year, and here's their stories.

First, Dou Jiang

Dou Jiang 豆浆 Means Soybean Milk in Chinese. We found him just outside our office door one night crying for help. He was still a kitten and clearly frightened and hungry, we took him in without hesitation and treated him as one of our family ever since. He is literally one of the cutest and kindest cat you'll ever find, loves to cuddle and play, but don't expect to catch him, because he is sly as a fox.

Our Second Cat family member - Tang Yuan

Tang Yuan, who's named after a Chinese dessert made of rice and sesame. He joined our family during the month of October 2019. He was lost and sat alone outside our office building. After hours of trying to find his parents with no luck, we decided to take him in. Tang Yuan has one of the cutest personality of any cats we have seen. He loves human companion and loves to lick and cuddle with Dou Jiang. Now days he does his regular strolls every morning, and greet everyone at the door.

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