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Concept Art

Game Assets and Character Concept drawings and illustrations, from start to finish.


Game-Ready Props, Weapons, Character Modeling and Texturing, with high accuracy and fast turnaround.


Specialization in various styles of In-game characters, animals, mechanical rigging, animation, and motion capture clean up. 


We are experienced industry veterans and are well in-tune with various Eastern and Western cultures and art styles, and can accurately comprehend your custom needs and requirements.


Our team leaders have been involved in AAA game production for years, and are adamant when it comes to quality, efficiency, and meeting all of client’s expectations. All of the team members treat each project as their own, and with the highest pride and dedication.


We not only speak English fluently, we are also extremely familiar and up-to-date with western popular culture, history, and art styles, reducing mistakes caused by culture differences. English-speaking PM will be assigned to each project and communicate with you timely and regularly.


We understand the importance of intellectual property and insist on strict enforcement of legal actions throughout the team to ensure the IP which is entrusted to us is fully protected at all cost.

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